What did you call me?


She took the elevator up, leaning against the side, eyes nearly being glued to

the mirror to examine her skin. She got a katalk from her friend.
‘Jane...I finally broke up with my boyfriend today...I’m around your apartment. Can you see me for a moment?‘
She looked at her face in the mirror again and just turned off her phones.

In her room, she never washed her face and sat on the bed where her husband lying down. She took out hand sized mirror from the drawer of the bedside table and stared at her chin. There was a giant pimple on it. She fell into bed and covered her face with blankets. He saw her face in full make-up. The pillow became wet. He sensed her crying but didn’t even think about touching her face.




Chapter 2

She woke up the morning of July first gazing at the screen mirroring phone with half-closed eye. She took out concealer and applied it on the pimple spots and long-lasting fingernail scratch in thick layer, including her chest and arms.
She wore long-sleeved turtleneck shirt. She wore her hair a particular way to disguise all red flaws that She could see. She checked her reflection from every single angle, under the bright light, ending up with her self-loathing and tears.
“My face becomes redder...Hellish face like mine shouldn’t go out the world.” She said hysterically.

He just took out the pills and gave it to her with warm water.
“I’m too ugly to live!” she exclaimed.
“Please, don’t do that honey. You are pretty enough to me. Here and take a pill.”
“Oh..what did I do...? I’m so sorry, Honey”
“It’s okay, I’m your Spouse!”

Did you say? Spotty?! Did you call me Spotty?


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